Sunday, February 1, 2009

0.5 Beta Release

Although "0.5 Beta Release" title may look somewhat awkward, it is perfectly fine becuase this is just an inforaml release for testing my patch. So, I would like to focus on required tests for this patch.

Let me get into the details very quickly. I need some volunteer for testing my patch. Those who are willling to test my patch, they can download the patch from here. The testers should look for the comments made by Mr. Magnus Melin in the comment. Plus, they should look for the errors in the Interface. Mainly, I would like to check for these:

  1. White Spaces: As an editor I have used Notepad++ which shows all the spaces, tabs and new line characters seperately. I have tried my best to eliminate all the tabs and unintended white spaces. Let me know, if I am having any remaing unintended white spaces.
  2. Look for the user interface: Is this human interface OK or not? There is a user guideline for how to use this feature in my blog.
One more interesting reason to test my patch is to get the contribution marks (for DPS909 and OSD600 students). This testing will give you hands on practice on applying a patch and test a patch. Hence, it is a good opportunity to DPS909 and OSD600 students. 

If the testers have any problems while checking these issues, they can email me on I am also available on IRC, "Chinmay" as a nick, on #seneca.

At last, I would like to introduce my new idea. I have made a suggestion Box in my profile page. If anybody has any suggestions for me they are allowed to edit my suggestion box. I will look at the suggestions and try to apply it. 

Thank you very much for all your support.

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