Monday, January 26, 2009

Status Report

I am having different opinions about my project, what to do and what not to do...

I am almost done with my Attachment Reminder Bug. Only work I need to do is to polish the code and reply to comments made by the reviewer. It should not be that much work. However, addressing those comments, reply to those comments and get those reviewed take a lot of time. In the presentation David asked me to fix 4 items,

  1. Change "Advance" button label to "Advanced" button label.
  2. Consult labels "Oh, I did" and "No, Send Now" with Bryan W. Clark and correct them if needed.
  3. David also suggested me to open Attachment Window (a window from which you directly attach an attachment), when the user chooses the “Oh, I did” option. But, David wanted to discuss this issue with Bryan W. Clark.
  4. Last but the most important thing David wants me to discuss with Bryan is to what to do when the user closes the window by clicking “X” without choosing any of the options. Should I take it as positive or negative?

Let me discuss these issues with Bryan Clark and I will fix those tiny little thingsJ .

Now, the major confusion in my mind is that should I stay with this bug and fix all the items as required or take another bug and start working on it. My probable bug would be Thunderbird Session Restore bug. I have read the bug and understood it and planning to work on it. However, I think my next release could be the combination of those two bugs. Let’s see what David is thinking.

Thank you very much for all the support. If you have any suggestion for me, feel free to make comments or send me an email at

(Note: If you want to try my patch go to the bug. If you need further information read my previous post.)

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