Wednesday, December 3, 2008

0.3 Release

I am so  glad that I could make my 0.3 release on time. For my success I would like to thank all the contributors who helped me throught the project.

Just as a quick reminder, my project was to add a functionality which reminds user to attach attachments in Thunderbird. To read more about it look up this Bug

Till 0.2 release I have added the functionality to check in the body of the email. This check will remind user to attach attachments based on some keywordds. In that feature I had a few default keywords. 

For 0.3 release, I needed to add a functionality which allows a user to Insert, Edit and Delete those keywords. And I am glad to announce that My code is working fine for "US English" Thunderbird.  For more information about the project go to .

Finally, I would like to thanks all my supporters. And hopefully, I will  keep supporting open source community.

---Chinmay Patel

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