Wednesday, April 1, 2009

0.7 Release

I totally forgot to write a blog about my last two releases. Of course, I did my work but writing a blog totally slipped out of my mind.

In my 0.7 release, I spent most of my time on understanding the politics in the open source community. Additionally, I submitted a patch for LIBNOTIFY bug and a patch for "Attachment Reminder Bug ." At the end, I had to leave the LIBNOTIFY bug because they do not want that bug anymore.

In the LIBNOTIFY bug, the whole issue was around notification stuff. Whenever the user gets an email, Thunderbird notifies the user through a pop-up window at the bottom-right of the window. Currently, Thunderbird creates its own pop-up window from the XUL element. In the begining, community wanted to change that by passing that even to the LIBNOTIFY, the UNIX library that handles notification (same as Growl notification in MAC OSX). But, callback method is not available in the LIBNOTIFY library. Lack of callback method will not allow the user to click on the notification and open the Thunderbird. Thunderbird want to have this feature. Finally, this issues remained undecided. Hence unfortunately, I had to leave the bug.

Additional to LIBNOTIFY bug, I worked on "Attachment Reminder" bug and addressed the issues specified in the bug.

At the end of the 0.7 release, I was again looking for a new bug ...

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