Sunday, February 22, 2009

0.6 Release.

I guess this assignment is the best assignment of my whole life. I have learned a lot in this assignment. The concepts that I have learned during this release are:

> How to and what to edit in to include a module in the build?

> How many coding paths did Thunderbird use to notify a new message? How to edit those paths?

> SSH Tunneling.

> VNC Server/Viwer.

> Internal data transfer in Linux in CDOT Machines.

 and much more ....


In the beginning, I was settled to work on, which is a session restore for Thunderbird. After 2-3 days, David gave me an opportunity to a more important and lively bug which uses LIBNOTIFY in Unix/Linux machines to show notifications.


 My assignment was going pretty smooth and easy as David was mentoring me. Suddenly, INDIA, the CDOT System on which all my work was, got disconnected from the internet. So, I was unable to test my work remotely. Also, I was unable to receive any new mail notification because I lost the internet. I was totally clueless on what to do.


While I was there, John told me that I can copy the data internally. He helped me to create my account on AUSTRALIA, another CDOT Machine, and transfer all my data. He also taught me what SSH Tunnelling and VNC are. Although he helped me a lot, it took me 2 days to figure out how to use SSH Tunnelling and VNC Viewer. Chris also helped me with some issues.


Finally, I managed to achieve what I was supposed to.

Here is  the patch for the release ...


1. Get rid of all the #ifndef 's so that there is only one path remaining to show the new mail notification.

2. Add the mozgnome module as it is added in the browser/.




1. If you have any questions about SSH Tunnelling this page might help you

2. Also, page is useful for Seneca CDOT System users.


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