Saturday, November 15, 2008

Attachment Reminder 0.22

Here is my 0.22 release. Yes, it is not my 0.2 release but 0.22 release because my 0.2 release was up a week ago. And before I blog about it, I got comments on it. (Ha Ha ... So hot Bug !!! )Comments asked me to use Mozilla preference system to store keywords. In my 0.2 release, I was using Database system to store my keywords. Plus, comments asked me to remove tabs and add spaces as Mozilla standard. Now, I am going to list "Things Done", "Things Learned", "Problems and their Suggestions" and "Things To Be added" .  

Things Done: 
> Created a preference in mozilla preference System that allows me to store a CSV string which stores Attachment Keywords.
> Parse those keyword into an Array 
> Search for that keyword in Email Body.
> If it founds keyword, it will ask user to confirm Email sending witout attachments.

Things Learned:
> As I did my 0.2 with databases, I learned how I can use mozilla databases and play with it.
> I love regular expression, but hadn't used it for Javascript in my whole life. However, I used it to check if the keyword exist in the email body or not .So, now I know how to use regular expression in Javascript.
> Mozilla preference System.

Problems and their Suggestions:
> My first problem wat TABS and SPACES. Mozilla does not excepts Tabs in their code for indention. So, to solve that problem what I would suggest is to use Emacs as Editor. It's available for all the platforms. For Windows, here is a link how to doenload and install GNU Emacs in Windows 
> Database is not a big deal. They have excellent documentation for their databases. SqlLite's website also provides enough documentation. It only requires basic Database knowledge.
> Mozilla Preference System: Let me tell you honestly, it is damn simple. However, if you screw up somewhere, it's the worst errors you can have. It took me more than 12 hrs, of straight work, to figure it out. At the end Siddharth (Sid0) figured out that it was wrong Chrome URL. I would like to thank him in Public. Thank you very much Sid0.
> For regular expression, I would suggest to use proper flag everytime. It makes life so much easier.

Things To Be added
> User can disable the feature.
> User can add and Delete Keywords to be checked.
> ClarkW has really good Idea to remind user to attach attachment while he is writing Emails. He suggests to add a user-friendly panel at the bottom of the wondow.
> Localization of the feature so that it works in each and every language that Thunderbird supports.
> Give me good ideas that I can add in this feature.

Thank you very much to the community for its support. I will try my best to give this support back to the community. 

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