Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow.. never thought it is only 2 lines of code ...

I thought that it would be so much difficult to solve a bug. When I started the lab, I was so afraid of mozilla code. I couldn't think of where to start from. After a bit searching and browsing I found some related code.

I red the function and understood something. But now, the real problem was in front of me. How can I search for a string in a string. I wished if I had Visual Studio's intellisense. I missed it to much. I don't know somehow I managed to find Find function to do my work. It was like ... I got a magic wond. I just used it and my patch was working.

Another problem I was facing was to check my patch on Linux. Here CDOT lab machines became so handy. We can log into the machines remotely and work on it as we are working on our local computer. Further information is avalable on .

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