Friday, October 10, 2008

Autoconf2.13 needed to build using mercurial

I think this course is totally based on person's Energy and Enthusiasm. If you don't have those, don't dare to even think about it. Even I was feeling so much frustrated due to some failures during my Thunderbird builds and debugging the lab. But, I had a chat with Humph -- it is more impacting than David -- and he pushed me a lot. He provided me with Enthusiasm required for the course. I heartily thanks him for his approach towards me.

Let me share my experience of building Thunderbird on our CDOT Lab computer. Though I had a working build of Thunderbird on Ireland machine, it was CVS build and I want a mercurial Build. So, as usual I went to documentation page to build Thunderbird using mercurial. I followed the steps blindly and downloaded the source code by command hg clone src. And I created the mozconfig file as required. When I tried to build it, I saw and error. It was teeling me that I needed Autoconf2.13. I checked the version of Autoconfig file by command " autoconf --version ". I found out that Ireland machine didn't have Autoconfig2.13. Instead, It had 2.16. I tried to install it but I couldn't made it through. At the end I asked it on irc and Chris Tylor installed it for me. Thanx Chris. By the way, keep in mind that if you need to build Thunderbird, using Mercurial, on CDOT machines you need to have autoconf2.13

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