Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final 1.0 Release

Wow ...

I can't even believe that the semester is over. This semesters has provided me with the best learning experience because I have worked on something real, something that is going to be used around the world. Not everybody gets this oppotunity while studying. I am lucky that I got an opportunity to work on the Mozilla Project and get grades in reply.

Anyways, I am very glad to announce that Attachment Reminder Bug is all set to find its place in the code. Few days ago, Magnus came up with the patch fixing style, convantion errors in my patch. I tested the patch and it worked fine. Finally, the bug is going to have the status "FIXED".

Moreover, I have submitted couple of patches to the Message Compose Window Tango Icons bug. In the latest patch, I have merged all the icon images into one image and used image map technique to use that image in thunderbird. Merging all the images and make single image out of it is very tidious and boring job. But, I had not have to go through that trouble. Magnus prompt me a magic script which does all the merging. Here is the script....
  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. ## Make a collage of the input images.

  3. # Require at least one image argument as imput.
  4. if [ "$#" -lt 1 ]; then
  5. # Ex: ./do_collage.sh *.png
  6. # ./do_collage.sh image1.png image2.png image3.png
  7. echo "Usage: $0 input-files"
  8. exit 1;
  9. fi

  10. let w=16;
  11. let h=16;

  12. let top=0;
  13. let right=w;
  14. let bottom=h;
  15. let left=0;

  16. for file in ${@}; do
  17. if [[ ! -e $file ]]; then
  18. echo WARNING - file not found: $file
  19. else
  20. # Using -tile 1x => will be only one column => only top and bottom need to change.
  21. echo "-moz-image-region: rect(${top}px ${right}px ${bottom}px ${left}px); /* `basename $file` */";
  22. let top+=h;
  23. let bottom+=h;
  24. fi
  25. done
  26. echo -n "File to write to [collage.png]:"
  27. read collagefile
  28. if [[ ! -n "$collagefile" ]]; then
  29. collagefile=collage.png
  30. fi

  31. # Use the imagemagick montage command.
  32. montage -geometry 16x -background transparent -tile 1x ${@} $collagefile && echo Wrote to $collagefile

Hopefully, this script will help you sometime.

Now, my major question is that "is it time to separate from Open Source Community?" I
do not think so! There are lots of opportunities in open source community. Just go on jobvite.com and see number of opportunities.

I guess, this will be my last or second last blog for the course (I will keep writing the blogs, but not for marks!!!). So, ...
Thank you very much !!!
Good Bye ....
Sionara ...
Aavjo ...
Au Revoire ...

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