Sunday, April 12, 2009

0.9 Release and Planning for 1.0

Thunderbird can Tango!!
As you can see in my previos blog, Thunderbird is merging Tango Icons in its Layout.
Tango Icons Gallery is a collection of icons to be used for software applications in Linux. Tango Icons will bring the same look for all the applicaitons in Linux. It will make the Linux more user friednly.
During the bug, I came to know about lots of different topics: The community, XUL, CSS, Image Merging and much more. The community has been a real help to me. Bryan Clark, the lead Mozilla User Experience Developer, stood by me to get it done. Moreover, Megnus Melin provided me with a script which can merge all this icons in an image. Later on, I am going to use image mapping technic to get the icon from it. This will improve the performance of Thunderbird.

Attachment Reminder!!!
This bug just needs a last release. I am so excited that I am going to finish this bug on time. After a lot of iterations, Megnus melin came up with the patch that had all of my small errors fixed. He also helped me to add a few functionalities in the bug as well. Thank you very much for your help and support.

Final Release Planning:
Firstly, I have to apply the patch of Attachmet Reminder, provided by Megnus, edit it if required and ask for UI review to the Bryan Clark. I am pretty sure that it will finish by the next two weeks.

Secondly, Tango Icon bug requires a lot of work. Before I do anything in the bug, I have to learn how to merge all the icons and create an image out of it. Link all those icons from the image to the Thunderbird compose window. It needs a lot of work. I will try my best to finish it by the end of the semester.

My fingers are crossed for both features to get into the tree !!!

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