Friday, September 26, 2008

Detective of Mozilla: DOM inspector

Though it is not a detective but a Document Object Model inspector. Means it inspects the DOM of the web application or the XUL Application.

I was looking for the function called by the close button of Thunderbird. I was not able to find it properly and efficiently. At the same time I was chatting on irc and came to know about DOM inspector add-on for Mozilla. I installed the add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird and I found it extremely handy.

Let me explain how to use it for finding the function for the buttons or the commands. I am going to explain it for Firefox and if somebody wanted to use it for Thunderbird they can contact me.

  • Download and install the DOM inspector add-on from
  • Then open DOM window from Tool -->DOM Inspector.

  • A new window will pop-up. Choose appropriate option in File--> "Inspect Chrome Document."
  • There are so many features but the main we are looking for is to "find a node by clicking on it". To use that feature click on the icon highlighted below.

  • After that click on the option for which you want to know the commands.
  • Here is the image when I clicked on the File menu on Menu bar.

  • There are IDs and CLASSs are written beside the object. That data can be researched on and the proper function can be found.
  • This tool might speed up the process.

Through this tool I found the function for closing button in Firefox. It is on

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