Saturday, September 6, 2008

10 Features of Open Source G00Gl3 Chrome

I saw a video on youtube which describes 10 features of google chrome. Let's see different features of google chrome.

Directly Writing search in the Address bar:
Directly start typing your searches in the Address bar. Firefox also have capability but it is much slower than Chrome. In addition, Chrome also suggest some popular sites, searches and pages while writing in Address bar, just same as google-suggest.

Faster and useful new Tab:Just click on the plus sign beside the last tab to open another tab. It is faster and useful. When somebody open a new tab, in the new tab it will show (left-->right, top-->bottom) most visited websites, search history, Bookmarks and recently ended tabs. This is much faster and accessible.

Application Shortcuts:To create an application shortcuts: click on page menu--> Create application Shortcuts. The shortcut for the application, or the page the person is on, will be created. Now, whenever the person double clicks on the application, he will launch the application in a new Chrome window. This is more accessible sometimes.

Dynamic Tabs:Although Firefox also has dynamic tabs and changing in their order, Chrome has smoother graphics. Plus, Chrome has capability to seperate the tab into another wndow and merge it back to the window. This is something new and might be useful sometimes.

Crash Control:For handling crash control of a tab, Chrome has provided the Task Manger. Task Manager can be used to see memory usage by each tab. It can also be used to close misbehaving tabs. The thing that I find most humorous is the link on the bottom-left saying “stats for nerds,” which provide higher details about tabs and memory and other stuffs.

Incognito Mode:In my opinion this is the best feature, because it allows us to open special websites, requiring high security, in seperate window. Once you close the window none of the private data entered in the window can be taken out. It is deleted from the hard drive. It prevent user from going back and forth to change settings of private data. Whichever webpages user wnated to use securely, he can with just one click.

Secure Browsing:In this feature, Chrome warns you before entering sites that can have malware or fishing. I think user can do that after adding few addons in firefox.This is a good feature but not that much impressive as others.

Instant Bookmarks:With the help of this feature a user can add a bookmarks quickly. This is also same as Firefox.

Import Settings:Import settings will help a user to stay consistan with all the browser. Through this feature the user can import all the settings that he has changed in another browsers. Thus, it makes every browser work similarly.

Simplar Downloads:This feature allows user to see all running downloads and their progress bottom-left of the same window. This makes it more easier to access. It is just drag and drog to save it somewhere else on the machine. This feature is again implimentation of add-on that Firefox is having.

The most impressive features that I liked about Chrome is not described in the video. First of all, it's size. It's less than even 500Kb compare to couple of Mbs of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Secondly, Chrome is also open source same as Firefox. Isn't it so amazing !!!

“Let's start using Chrome and make web-world a better place to surfe.” My own and Copyrighted(Just Kidding).

I hope you find my blog useful. If you have any further question, send me an email on I will try my best to help you.

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